Hi there, welcome to my blog!

Let me just give you a brief summary of what you'll find here: Sweet goodies, delicious creations, foodography (I just looove this word!!) and umm... chemistry. Phew, so glad that's out now! Yes, I am aware of the fact that the word chemistry alone gives many people the creeps, probably even more so when mentioned together with food. But the chemistry of what we eat every day? It's absolutely fascinating, I promise! So what are you waiting for? Come on in and let food science wow you! 

Ah, and one more thing: I am currently translating contents from my German blog, so don't be surprised if my science section is rather empty. I guess it's superfluous to say that you'll find more articles if you drop by soon, right? :)

Florentine biscuits with homemade dark chocolate

Florentine biscuits with homemade chocolate


Is it just me or do all those food blogs out there give you the impression that every new recipe works out well and the resulting food tastes great, looks great and is easy to photograph straightaway? Well, as you possibly may have guessed already, it's quite the opposite. Well, in my own case, at least ;)


Donuts à la bee sting cake


Just as I opened the file "Bee­sting_donuts.docx", I knew that the introduction to this recipe would be about writing. And reading. But no matter how hard I tried to make the whole story sound cool or how often I rewrote the beginning, deleted everything and wrote it again, "reading is a hobby of mine" just sounds soooo...

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Welcome to my blog!


Hi, my name is Nikola and I am living in Freiburg, south-western Germany. Not even that long ago you would have found me in a lab rather than in a kitchen as I used to work as a biochemist. So why did I shift my focus on baking instead? Well, besides loving cakes, pastry, natural sciences and writing, I have a real passion for photography. And be honest, how appealing do bacteria, proteins and lab equipment look to you? Exactly! ;)

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