About me

Hi there!

I am Nikola, a 30-year-old biochemist with a true passion for baking, writing and photo­graphy. After growing up in a small town in the middle of Germany, I moved to the beautiful city of Freiburg about ten years ago. Back then, my plans were pretty clear: study chemistry (check), get a PhD (check), pursue a career (or so) in academic research (no, thanks). Well, how did Niels Bohr and others put it so aptly?


"Prediction is very difficult, especially if it is about the future."


Thinking back its hard to tell when exactly I decided to shift my focus from electro­physiological studies of membrane proteins to food. Although it appears likely, it was not after it took me two full years of my PhD just to pronounce the word electro­physiology correctly ;)

Seriously, I guess I realized that I missed baking together with a certain creativity sometime during the third year of my PhD. Don't get me wrong, the work of a chemist often requires creativity and I still believe that passion for chemistry and passion for baking are kind of the same thing: You mix three or more ingredients together, heat them up and they become something completely different. And the best thing about baking: This new something is usually pretty tasty!

So let's better put it this way: I missed being creative in terms of writing and making things that are delicious and nice to look at and not only of interest to other chemistry nerds. So here it is, a blog that gives me the opportunity to combine what matters to me: science, sweets, photography and writing.

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